December 12, 2022

Enterprise Sales Development Podcast – Leslie Venetz

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About the show-

If you’re looking to grow your business, Enterprise Sales Development is one of the most effective ways to do that but you need to have the know-how.  Join us, as we speak with Eric Quanstrom CMO of CIENCE Technologies, and dive into the sales cycle. 

About the Guest- 

Today we have with us Leslie Venetz, founder of Sales Team Builder and an excellent salesperson with 16 years of experience in the sales field. She will share her expertise in using a mutual close plan describing how it can improvise customer support. She will put her insights into the user experience and better relationships between the salesperson and the client.

Key points that have been discussed in the podcast- 

The podcast has been recorded under Enterprise Sales Development with the host Eric Quanstrum. Listen to the podcast here

The questions asked in the podcast are as follows- 

  1. Scaling: the fly in the ointment?
  2. Difference between Seller-centric vs Buyer-centric? 
  3. How well-positioned SDRs are for meaningful connections?
  4. How will things change in a recessionary environment?
  5. Where does a sales cycle originate?
  6. What are Non-transactional sales cycles?

An overview of Leslie’s ideology

Leslie discusses why it’s important to build 

repeatable processes and how she trains her clients to do so. She also talks about sales cycles and where they 

begin for her. She explains how the sales funnel is important for getting to the top of the sales league. 

What we discussed about

Learn to get into buyers’ time and business needs by understanding the challenges they are facing. The sales development cycle doesn’t start from the very first mail that is sent to the client.

Explain to the buyers what would happen if they miss the deal you provide and what kind of problems they could face.

Every salesperson must go through the distinction between buyer-centric and seller-centric. It’s hectic to be on the seller’s cycle end. Introduce buyers to only those services that target their needs instead of pushing them into the pool of your services.  

The biggest issue that the SDR community faces during sales development is differentiating between types of personalizations. Provide clients with enough information that they do not have to follow up on the same things repeatedly. 

Salespeople must introduce themselves to Recessionary environments and know the differences between demand generation and lead generation. Inbound as a strategy didn’t exist during the great recession. Select the commercial buying intent and dig into the buyer’s choice. 

The sales cycle begins when clients show intent and start following up on the services. We are in a very interesting time of B2B commercials where we need to evolve and learn about the factors that are blurry but still exist.

Create content to persuade brand value and not for sales or generating leads. Develop brand consistency by being a credible source and expert in sales. The process starts with inbound and backends with a social piece. Help the buyers make an easier decision to work with your company.