March 13, 2023

The Hard Conversation You Need to Have

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PLx Summit 2022

Plx Summit is a grand B2B GTM event where people from the top of the leaderboards are invited to escort us into the partner-led future.

Leslie Venetz was invited to the PLx summit where she joined in on a discussion about Sales. Leslie is known for her passion towards sales. She is the founder of Sales Team Builder and has proven expertise in transforming sales into an inclusive and respected profession.

Here is a brief look at a discussion on some of the hard conversations one should take in Sales, briefly explained by Leslie during the PLx Summit 2022. Watch the video right here.

If your sales team doesn’t extend beyond the walls of the company, you might not make it. See what an ecosystem of sellers looks like…

Video Summary 

The best sellers in the industry are the ones that care deeply. They care about their prospects, their services, and the agenda of helping them. Such Sellers often get emotionally attached to some of the outcomes of their practices.

How to prioritize your prospects?

For instance, if a person gives you a word to get back to you in X days and now they aren’t responding even after you’ve been following up through emails. In that case, it’s not an appropriate place to continue focusing your attention on. A seller should rather utilize that same time to maybe pivot and find a brand new prospect that can’t wait to close in 30 days and have the shortest sales cycle ever

Here, sellers should not think about the cost of potentially losing in terms of what’s already in their pipeline, but the cost of opportunities you may not be able to seize if your attention is diverted. In other words, don’t be too focused on the deals that frankly aren’t real, instead try to bag the opportunities you can still tap on.