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Leslie Venetz
Founder, Sales Team Builder

After 15 years as a top-performing B2B sales professional and people leader, Leslie is an expert in building elite sales organizations. As the founder of Sales Team Builder, Leslie uses her expertise to partner with organizations that want to build inclusive, buyer-centric sales teams.

Leslie is committed to making sales a respected profession. Salespeople can be driven by both the desire to help others and their comp plans! By empowering your sales team to connect more intentionally with your customers they will penetrate key accounts, shorten sales cycles, and increase your business’s revenue potential.

Are you an early-stage founder or small business owner who is ready to take your sales efforts to the next level, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time Head of Sales? Leslie specializes in helping commercial teams build repeatable processes and winning playbooks to scale your business.

As a 3x Head of Sales who successfully sold SMB to C-suite enterprise, Leslie brings a unique perspective and diverse set of experiences to your business.

Leslie loves helping sales professionals achieve their personal best. She also partners with sales leaders to help them penetrate the North American market, upskill their teams with interactive coaching and get better results from live or virtual event attendance.

Sales has evolved. Your team needs to understand how to connect with the modern B2B buyer to succeed. Sales Team Builder can help.

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